How to measure the productivity of sales professionals working from home

How to measure the productivity of sales professionals working from home

The coronavirus crisis has forced employers to initiate a work from home culture, whether they like it or not. According to an estimate, about 265 million Americans are impacted by this change and this number is in billions across the globe. If your company is also impacted and you are wondering how to measure the productivity of sales professionals working from home, then here are a few handy tips for you.

Trust the Tried and Tested Metrics:

If your company is sales-oriented, you can trust the tried and tested metrics like call/email volume that measures the total number of calls/emails handled within a specific timeframe. Another option for smart employers who are wondering how to measure telecommuting productivity is to add all employee costs (compensation, benefits, commissions, etc.) and divide the same with the revenue brought in by that employee. You can also compare sales per rep or lead to win rate.

Focus on References:

As the coronavirus crisis has led to the biggest ever lockdowns across the world, most industries are shut down temporarily. In such a situation, expecting your sales professionals working from home to achieve the target numbers could be a bit harsh. Instead, you should follow this fresh approach. Measure the references your salespeople can collect from existing clients and keep them in reserve for when the economy restarts and the operations resume.

Use a Software:

In case your company isn’t already using a CRM software, it’s time for you to invest in one. Choose any cloud-based software that can help employees working from home to put in their numbers through which you can debate by providing details of everything an employee does during a specific timeframe. For instance, the software can track the number of calls/emails, leads, opportunities etc.. made and their duration or the number of keystrokes etc.  Remember, the higher the number of activities monitored, the better would be the productivity reports. You should be able to make smart business decisions using these reports.

Quality Over Quantity:

One of the basic thumb rules you should remember while seeking the answer to how to monitor employees working from home is to focus on the quality of work rather than quantity. Do not just focus on time spent online by each employee every day. Instead, have a wider perspective and see the progress made by the employee. There is no point in making a hundred calls/emails in a day if one is not achieving the results your organization needs, is there?

Don’t Forget Employers’ Responsibilities:

The work from home culture is not just about the changes an employee has to make; it’s also about the changes an employer has to make. As an employer, you need to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Set clear and realistic goals for your employees after discussing the same with them.
  • Be available to answer employee queries and doubts to ensure the work progress is never halted.
  • Boost employee recognition to keep remote sales employees motivated. Offer better incentives whenever possible.
  • Limit your expectations and never push your employees past their limits as it might force your valuable employees to quit.


The coronavirus crisis has been hard for the entire humanity. It’s okay to measure the productivity of sales professionals working from home but remember not to be too harsh about it. Work with your employees to make them more productive, and they will work with you to take your company to new heights.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe, stay healthy.

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