Recruitment Process Outsourcing


RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is a business model where a company outsources all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider to drive cost, efficiency, quality, service, and scalability benefits.

An RPO provider, in many ways, acts as an extension of an organization’s HR department, sitting on-site with the client- placing people into the organization. An RPO provider delivers necessary staff, technology as well as a methodology based on the client’s recruitment needs. Tech Facts’s pan-India presence, technology-driven recruitment process, scalable and flexible hiring make us the leading RPO company in India.

RPOs differ from traditional staffing agencies in terms of scope, structure, and outcomes-

Scope– RPO Companies in India Manage multiple things in a recruitment process which include demand management, sourcing management, process management, analytics, and governance.

Terms and outcomes– RPO engagements are long-term and focus on multiple outcomes, such as Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) delivery, driving stakeholder experience and automation of processes, developing predictability and building market intelligence.

Structure and commercials– RPOs have dedicated teams for a customer to successfully deliver and win customer confidence. There are also different cost models in RPO engagements, including position assigning a cost, per hire cost, per schedule cost, success-based cost, management cost, technology cost, and rewards and penalties.

Why us?

Strategic Sourcing– Tech Facts incorporates strategic sourcing methods to identify desired talent for specific jobs. Candidates within the pools are tracked from our own data pool of candidates and also from publicly available data sources that indicate job-seeking behavior activity

Candidate Management– Organisations need to keep track of whether the employees can perform better or not. Tech Facts has an excellent method of developing metrics that measure the productivity of candidates.

Pre-Employment Screening– Tech Facts does a thorough pre-employment screening of each candidate’s background, the accuracy of their claims, any possible criminal history, compensation claims, and their behaviour to eliminate risks for organizations.

Reduce Cost– Tech Facts RPO takes on the responsibility of efficiently adjusting resource levels when hiring fluctuations happen so the client does not bear the burden of carrying an unnecessary staff, or being short of talent when greater resources are required.

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How we work

We allocate a recruitment manager to better understand your requirement and help you through the entire staffing process

  • Will seek out some extremely well qualified and well experienced professionals  with proven Track record.
  • Special screening process(technical/non-technical)
  • Multiple interview methods
  • Mysterious reference practices
  • Based on the needs of your business we offer flexible staffing options to put on the talent and regulate their staff according to need of your business.

we Offer

At Tech Facts you will find the best in class RPO. We understand your requirements and help your business to save time, save money, flexible, and scalable hiring teams. We keep the business model flexible and simple.

Our Research Methodology

To bring out the right candidates, our squad of experts follows the key methods to recruit them.

Company Analysis

We go through your company profile to determine your key working area, your products and services to bring out your staff more efficient & effective.


Before finalizing any candidate we ensure all their certificates, Experience Letter, Original documents to be verified.


Our team of Professional experts will rapidly identify the skilled candidates in their widespread networks.

Performance Monitoring

After delivering a right candidate to you, we monitor their performance to get the better feedback for the future.


Our screening process end by reaching out desired candidates those are highly qualified and to a great extent skilled which perfectly fits with you.

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