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Did you know? that an average user spends 88% more time on a website with an explainer video? That’s how videos are popular in this complex and tech bound world. If you want to say something, forget texts and infographics, the time for videos has already begun!

How? Trust Tech Facts! to create creatively captivating videos that hold attention. People trust us as the best video maker in the vicinity thanks to our commitment to creating nothing but the best. Our videos are engaging, enticing and eye-catching. We know how to keep the users focus on us by using catchy content, varied vocabulary and impressive imagery.

Tech Facts offers creative explainer videos for all the marketing promotions. An explainer video is the best way to promote your business idea or product or concept or service. It is believed that video presentation creates more impact than presenting your audience with traditional content-based presentations. And explainer videos are the best way to explain a concept making your audience to understand the concept in less time. You can reach more audience on social media by using your marketing videos.

Honestly, short 2 to 3 minutes explainer videos allow users to quickly understand the value of your offer and it may solve their problem. Video marketing and E-commerce is a match made in heaven. More people are influenced and purchasing online than ever before.

We are experts in all forms of video making. Our team of creative brains helps you with a concept and then starts executing the idea with creative production with creative graphics. Presenting your idea with stunning visuals is part of our creative process.

Our video creation process is simple and to the point.

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Amazing Animation Abilities

One core focus area of our company is animation videos. If you need a 2D Animation video maker, you can count on us. We create animations that not only draw the attention but also hold it till the end. These videos are more fun-oriented and light-hearted, but the core message always comes across. From “The Simpsons to Family Guy”, the magic of 2d videos is everywhere.

You can also trust us for creating 3D Animation explainer videos that explain your product, services, concepts, ideas or any other aspect of your business in the simplest manner. The videos get to the crux of the matter and are usually short and sweet. The message gets across in a few minutes, and our team’s creativity ensures that your end-users are always enticed. Classics like Moana or Frozen are perfect examples of how magnificent 3d animation can be.

Enticing Explainer Videos

As a reputed 2d explainer video maker, you can trust our team to come up with videos that have the simplest language and the most creative approach. We create explainer videos that help you get maximum ROI. You can expect real and measurable results if you trust our team as your go-to 3d explanatory video maker.

Don’t sweat about organizing meetings, conferences or events to explain a product, service or a business concept when all you need is to trust us with your explainer video needs!

We keep our explainer videos short and sweet as 77% of viewers watch an explainer video for up to 2 minutes. And yes, ask about our homepage explainer video services as they are the most popular and effective!

Exciting Entertainment Videos

The relationship between entertainment and videos is everlasting and exciting. From product close up videos to how-to videos, from entertaining videos to interactive video ads to even influencer videos, you have a lot of options. Trust our creative video-makers to provide you with all these and more. We create videos that not only drive and engage customers but also help boost sales!

Let us help you to make the most of this opportunity!


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3d Animation

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Corporate Videos

Our Process


Idea creation for your product or service

Script development

Concept development/script development of your business/product/services and the research phase

Story Board creation

Creating the storyboard of the concept derived in the previous phase

Content Creation/production

Start creating the content in the production phase including the voiceover etc


Editing/grading/ rendering/audio mastering Final revisions etc..


Final delivery in the desired output format

We believe that everything needs to be streamlined to make video creation process a success. So, the process that has helped us to provide the best video production services is as uncomplicated as we are. Here’s how we do the magic!


At this stage, you will tell us what you want us to do. You would work with us to brief us about your idea, concept and as a leading animation video maker, we help you to draft your idea. As the best marketing videos maker, we understand your target audience and your goals. And we’ll take it from there.

Script development

A video without a script is as empty as a lavish house without people! So, we work with in-house top-notch content writers and scriptwriters to create fresh content or fine-tune the content you provide. Again, totally your choice and after your approval, we move forward from here.

Storyboard creation

This stage is the simplest as we do all the hard work while you just relax!

Working with the Artists

Did we tell you that video creation is an art? We did, right? So, we need to work with qualified, experienced and skilled sounding voiceover artists to create voiceovers to make your videos sound right.

Production and Post Production

At this stage, we do the monotonous (to you) or exciting (to us) task of post-production. Editing/grading/ rendering/audio mastering and final revisions to ensure perfection all happen at this stage

Like every best corporate video maker, we fine-tune the video to perfection so that we can get your appreciation!

Approval and delivery

You matter the most to us. So, we show the final results to you and take your inputs. We edit the video to suit your needs (which is not needed half the time as we are so amazing) to ensure you approve. Post that, we take on the tasks of final rendering or delivery. We even help with publishing in multiple formats!

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