Tech Facts offers Digital Marketing services and has built the expertise around a wide array of marketing services since its inception. In the Digital Marketing of products or services to its clients, Tech Facts understands the marketing goals to be achieved and abide by all the marketing strategies outlined.

We all know that Digital transformation has changed the world. On average, humans are spending almost 12 hours each day using electronic devices. By this, we understand that Digital Marketing is more important to any business across any industry and search engines have become the source of providing information required.  The search engines have become dominant by the user base and by the search base. This created lot of impact on businesses. So, businesses have to be digitally prominent in order to attain business and to lead and excel.

Any business enterprise plans out various marketing strategies to attain business. It can be offline marketing or online marketing. Both have their own strategies to be outlined and to be followed.  We understand your business goals by identifying the target market, conceptualizing, identifying the right keywords, identifying platforms for the target user base, crafting artistic content, designing creative posts for social media, managing the platforms, and finally reporting.

Digital Marketing services are all about marketing your products or services online. For effective marketing, our team identifies search engine platforms, social media platforms with a good number of user base and initiate the marketing efforts. We have a team of experts who understand your business goals and streamline the process to achieve and deliver the best results.

Today Digital Marketing has become the need for every business not only because of its rapid growth but also as the future of Marketing. Our team of experts plans an effective strategy that helps you to expand competitive gain, build your brand, and generate a buzz around it. We help you from the strategy development to implementation no matter where your business is located globally.

Our Digital Marketing services involve Search Engine Optimization, Social media management, Social media marketing, Social media optimization, PPC, content marketing, content management, Google Ads, Campaign creation, campaign management, Business listings, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing Web Analytics and reporting.

The world of digital marketing is changing quickly. The businesses that need digital marketing services to get results must work hard to keep up with the industry standards. According to statistics, 76% of people think that digital marketing has changed more in the past 2 years. The fact-paced change is the core reason why small, medium and large businesses are depending on us. As the best digital marketing agency, we strive to keep learning, keep improving and keep updating ourselves to deliver result-oriented services. Our services are reliable, delivered ethically and always provide the maximum value for your money!

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Here’s a list of services we not only offer but excel in

Strategy Consulting (Web Presence Analysis, SEO Audit, Strategy Creation)

We help you power your online presence by creating an online marketing strategy after thorough website audit, analysis and research. Our experts start by understanding your business, marketing objectives, consumer behaviours and data and then draw insights from it. Then, we initiate the process of digital transformation and execute it successfully. We are also among those digital marketing consultancy firms that help launch a new brand by offering the best consultancy from day one.

If we find any issues on your website, we can help you there as well with our web design and development capabilities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that just 7% of search engine users make it to the third page of the search engine results? It is the reason why you need to trust our best SEO services to help you stay in the top 10 search engine results. Our affordable SEO services cover all aspects of on-page and off-page SEO, and we work hard to optimize your website for the search engines. We make you visible!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click advertising is a form of advertising in which every time a user clicks on the online ad, the advertiser has to pay for it. Most of the best marketing agencies use PPC ads as they are very effective and provide good ROI. We create and execute successful PPC campaigns to help generate genuine leads for your business. Every business must consider PPC ads as website visitors that come from PPC ads are more likely to buy as compared to those who come from an organic search.

Social Media Management

It is a fact that 37% of online shoppers have reported using social media for inspiration when they want to make a purchase. We help you with social media management by creating a custom plan for you based on analytics in digital marketing. Our experts will make sure your brand is always visible on social media in a positive manner.

Social Media Marketing

Approximately 3.03 billion people in the world are active on social media. It is the reason every company needs the best social media marketing strategies and effective social media marketing plans. As a white label social media marketing services provider, we develop a distinct voice for your brand and help transform regular visitors to loyal customers and brand champions.

Social Media Optimization

Are you aware that 72% of brands want to promote via social media? As a social media marketing agency, we will listen to and act upon such customer requests to ensure that maximum leads are generated through social media platforms. Similarly, as a creative social media agency, we will listen, plan, execute and optimize continuously.

Content Creation and Marketing

Most brands spend 25-43% of marketing budget on content. We provide quality content that can help you to connect with your customers. Most online marketing services need relevant content that hooks the audience, and our content experts generate that continually. Our content works every time! To know more, you can click here to understand more about our content writing capabilities.

Ads Management

Online advertising is here to stay, and it provides maximum ROI to most customers for every dollar spent on Google Ads, a business makes two dollars in revenue. As a Google certified digital marketing agency, we not only specialize in Google Ads, we also excel at creating compelling and conversion-oriented ads for other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. In addition to creating the ads, we optimize it by measuring the performance of the ads at regular intervals.

Email Marketing

Every internet marketing service provider knows that email marketing is not dead, and it probably won’t ever be. So, we create segmented email campaigns that attract the attention of your target audience. We know that segmented email campaigns have an open rate which is more than 14% higher than non-segmented ones. Plus, we like to keep everything organized!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in confirming brand authenticity, boosting brand awareness and increasing the word of mouth virality. About 60% of marketers believe that influencer marketing will be vital in the next three years (and we agree). Trust our influencer network to promote your product, services or brand flawlessly.

360-Degree Marketing

Though internet marketing services are essential for us, we also provide 360-degree marketing services wherein we use traditional marketing mix and online tools to ensure that your brand doesn’t miss out on any customer segment. It’s a combination of in-store, print, digital and social marketing methods.

Mobile Marketing/Advertising

More than 50% of smartphone users admit that they have found new brands or products while searching from a mobile device. We offer mobile marketing and advertising services wherein we aim to reach your target audience on their smart gadgets and mobile devices via various methods like SMS, MMS, social media, email, websites and even apps. You can rely on us to create mobile-friendly and click-worthy ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process where affiliate marketers earn a commission by promoting your brand, product or services. It is a reliable method of boosting your brand presence and increase your sales. We find the best affiliate marketing options for you to reach those goals.

Digital Competitive Analysis

Every business wants to get ahead of its competitors. We help you with that goal by finding out who your top competitors are and how are you performing as compared to them. It will help in the creation of successful online marketing strategies in the future.

Video Marketing

Most Indian digital marketing companies recognize the worth of video marketing, and we are no different. We know that watching video content and social media are two of the top most popular online activities. So, we create engaging, short, compelling and creative videos for your marketing efforts and help you to connect with the right audience and boost engagement through our marketing strategies.

Why Digital Marketing?

To Increase Website Traffic by Optimization

To increase Search Engine Rankings

To Generate Leads and increase ROI

Our Process

Identifying the target market


Envision an interesting concept

Opt a platform for particular scope

Crafting artistic content

Designing creative stuff

Managing & Monitoring


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