Tech Facts Business Solutions offers Digital Marketing services and has built the expertise around wide array of marketing services since its inception. In Digital Marketing of products or services to its clients, Tech Facts understands the marketing goals to be achieved and abide by all the marketing strategies outlined.

We all know that Digital transformation has changed the world. On an average, humans are spending almost 12 hours each day using electronic devices. By this we understand that Digital Marketing is more important to any business across any industry and search engines have become the source of providing information required.  The search engines have become dominant by the user base and by the search base. This created lot of impact on businesses. So, businesses have to be digitally prominent in order to attain business and to lead and excel.

Any business enterprise plans out various marketing strategies to attain business. It can be offline marketing or online marketing. Both have their own strategies to be outlined and to be followed.  We understand your business goals by identifying the target market, conceptualizing, identifying the right keywords, identifying platforms for the target user base, crafting artistic content, designing creative posts for social media, managing the platforms and finally reporting.

Digital Marketing services are all about marketing your products or services online. For effective marketing, our team identifies search engine platforms, social media platforms with good number of user base and initiate the marketing efforts. We have a team of experts who understand your business goals and streamline the process to achieve and deliver the best results.

Today Digital Marketing has become the need for every business not only because of its rapid growth but also as the future of Marketing. Our team of experts plan an effective strategy that helps you to expand competitive gain, build your brand and generate a buzz around it. We help you from the strategy development to implementation no matter where your business is located globally.

Our Digital Marketing services involve Search Engine optimization, Social media management, Social media marketing, Social media optimization, content marketing, content management, Google Ads, Campaign creation, campaign management, Business listings, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing Web Analytics and reporting.

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Why Digital Marketing?

To Increase Website Traffic by Optimization

To increase Search Engine Rankings

To Generate Leads and increase ROI

Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Oline Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

Content Marketing

App Store Optimization

Our team of Digital Marketing experts are here to understand your business goals, help you to set up your goals &  let you know how Digital Marketing services will be beneficial for your company to achieve success.

Our Working Style

Identifying the target market


Envision an interesting concept

Opt a platform for particular scope

Crafting artistic content

Designing creative stuff

Managing & Monitoring


We plan an effective Digital marketing strategy that helps you expand competitive gain, build your brand in front of the market and generate a buzz around it. Managing the process right from strategy development to implementation, we support you in launching a product and extending your Business worldwide.